[Agents of SHIELD] #301 - Laws of Nature

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I know I am late with this episode review, but last few days have been a bit bumpy, but after finding time to rewatch the episode again, I have to say it was quite a great return to the world of SHIELD and it seems we are certainly heading into a new direction. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding and much more livelier place for our favorite agents as seeds are set for future encounters and the upcoming Captain America film.

Spoiler Warning here! While I will try not to spoil too much, there will still be a plethora of spoilers of the episode, so be sure to keep that in mind while continuing to read this article. So without further ado let us return to Agents of SHIELD once more.

Well, Agents of SHIELD has done it again and it seems to be a theme that the show keeps changing with ach season. Adding to its foundation that it laid out with the first season while also expanding on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our first introduction is that those ominous fish pills have disrupted the natural eco-system by creating a new generation of Inhumasn faster than ever before. This time around it seems that one poor soul has the powers of melting objects in his surrounding but is being hunted down by a new task force. Luckily, Daisy, formerly known as Skye, alongside Mack and Hunter were there to save him and we get our look at the new Bus. It certainly feels like the combination of our classic bus and a Quinjet, which is a lovely design and I cannot wait to find out what secrets it contains.

We do get a look at our team that has been heavily influenced from the events of Season 2 and a fantastic new opening sequence, which is just a nice combination of the old and new elements. The show is certainly embracing its new Inhuman addition and we are paving the way not only for a Secret Warriors team, but also the first elements are given for the upcoming Civil War storyline that will implode on itself in Captain America: Civil War. Coulson is trying to adapt to his new hand, Daisy and Mack are working together to help the Inhumans out, making quite a dynamic duo, May is still on vacation and Fitz is on a hunt to find a way to save Simmons no matter the cost.

Yeah, Fitz has gone through quite a change this season as going through brain damage in the last season, he is now on a manhunt to do anything so that he can save Simmons from the Obelisk that has now been detained. He has gone through quite a lot in the last season so seeing him do what he is doing was quite a surprise, but at the same time fascinating to watch. Him dealing with those killer discs from Season 2 was a great tie-in and the reveal of that what he was hunting down ended in probably one of the most emotional moments I have seen in a TV show for quite a while. Then leading to a massive reveal that not even I want to spoil in this review, but one thing is sure,

Constance Zimmer is playing Abigail Brand. I will stay by that statement until I am proven otherwise, as while she currently goes by Rosalind, which is one of many aliases she has used in her life. With her so-called TCA task force that is meant to hunt down alien forces, it almost seems certain that they could turn out to be a future SWORD unit, and could also take a different direction than the “real” SHIELD storyline did last season, which I still quite enjoyed.

The Inhumans aspect introducing us to Lash was a great reveal. While at first we believed this new task force was killing the newly born Inhumans, it turns out it was actually a third party, a bestial man that appears out of thin air and gives us a little battle between him, Daisy and also the returning Lincoln, who turns out to be a doctor. While the battle didn’t show us much of his abilities, it is quite interesting to see that even the combined forces of Daisy and Lincoln weren’t enough to keep him down. Also, on a side note can Mack please get the axe-shotgun combination? That would be an incredible weapon for him.

In general, the episode was a fantastic continuation of the last two seasons, showing that this is quite a show that has truly developed over the past years and while the Bobbi-Hunter subplot is a necessarily added subplot that is hinting at the first contact with Ward’s new HYDRA. Furthermore, this had some fantastic easter eggs, like President Ellis from Iron Man 3 returning, and yes it was in fact the same actor. There were also some great nods to how Sokovia and the Pym lab incident had changed the worlds perception of superheroes and powered characters.

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