[Arrow] #402 - The Candidate

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Anarky breaks loose in Star City, as Oliver tries to show his face in public again after announcing that the Arrow ahs found its successor in the Green Arrow. Trying to rekindle old relationships, they meet up with an old friend of their mother, who decides to run as mayor. Darkh’s goon is trying to prove himself to be worthy of his unit and crosses a line that not even the villain wants to cross, creating a new villain in the wake of everything. Oliver in the past also finds himself back on an island he had long forsaken, as he must infiltrate a strange military unit. Was this episode an interesting one?

Watch out for spoiler warnings! They shoot right through here and there is nothing you can do about it. Damn, one almost hit me! Be careful as you continue on reading!

Let me start off with how strange it is to see Oliver cutting his hair in the flashbacks. So all it took was him joining some strange army to finally take the time to get his hair cut. In general, it was interesting to see how he infiltrated the base, as him throwing the soldier on a mine was creative and shows that he certainly still knows the island quite well. Still, I don’t quite understand what these soldiers are doing here and it would have been nice if it tied in a bit more to the episode in general.

 I do like the introduction of this incarnation of Anarky, as he tries to prove himself worthy for Damien, but in the end even goes a step further than our actual villain truly would. It was great seeing that the “completely evil” Darkh actually had a moral code that he follows. While the spotlight wasn’t on him, it was certainly an interesting change from how we saw him last episode. While he is willing of doing almost anything, it does seem that he has a moral compass, or at least a code of honor of sorts.

The entire “I am running for mayor” storyline sadly went by too fast if you ask me. While it was a great set-up that actually leads to Oliver thinking about becoming a mayor himself, it would have been a bit more interesting if this episode was stretched out a bit more. Just seemed a bit rush as the character was introduced, ran for mayor, got attacked and then she decides against it even if she understood the risks at first. While the episode was great at using Anarky, I just wished that this wasn’t resolved as fast as it was in this episode.

Let me talk about Thea. While I think it is great that we are seeing the aftereffects of her being thrown into the Lazarus Pit, I don’t quite comprehend how Laurel kind of jumps to conclusions that because it healed someone who was near death, it could bring back her sister. I didn’t quite understand this leap in logic and why Thea went along, especially after seeing herself near the line of insanity. If she found out about it healing the dead through Al Ghul’s daughter and them trying to risk it, I would understand this sudden decision, but the way it was shown just seemed like a leap of logic on both sides.

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