[The Muppets] #104 - Pig Out

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It seems that Miss Piggy is trying to prove herself to the crew as she finds out that the crew hangs out after work trying to let off some steam from work. Trying her best to impress everyone she goes along with their party and tries to become the cool boss, which actually makes Kermit a bit worried that they can’t keep up with their work, as they return from the tavern completely hung-over due to a hardcore party with Ed helms. Fozzy is also guilt-ridden due to him accidently shooting Statler in the face. Is this a fun party to watch?

While Miss Piggy is out partying, I was told that I have to add a spoiler warning at this point. So, if you haven’t seen the episodes then continue at your own risk. The boss’ orders!

This episode had the least storylines so far, but it did party hard with them. I have to say that it was a lot of fun watching Miss Piggy try to be the cool person, but adding Ed Helms into the mix was a lot of fun. Seeing the various muppets sing their own interpretations of songs was great, especially the entire bit surrounding the Swedish Chef. I do adore how the episode does use the fact that Kermit is easy into controlling people, but he is just as good at it thanks to the time he spent dating her. Anyone else wonder though why we haven’t seen his girlfriend since the first episode?

The other part of the episode was probably my favorite, as I always enjoy seeing Waldorf and Statler. It felt nice seeing them get the spotlight and Statler is quite a monster. Yet somehow I can never be made at a good “sucker” joke. Still, no matter how funny that entire storyline was, I felt terrible for Fozzy and falling for another joke at the end was a bit heartbreaking. Would have been a great touch of seeing him get a bit of revenge would have been nice, but who knows there are plenty of episodes left to go.

There is sadly not much to do, but I have to say it was quite an enjoyable episode with some small callbacks to the classic Muppet jokes. Still, not a lot has happened this episode and while I enjoyed each storyline, I did wish the entire party bit had some more meat to it. There are a lot of jokes here, but without any true focus except a short Skeeter joke thrown in, which was amazing to actually see him without glasses. Still, it was a fun episode and am looking forward to wath else is heading our way.

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