[Be Cool, Scooby-Doo] #102 - Game of Chicken

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Oh, Scooby-Doo, please don’t change! And old friend of Fred’s asks him for help shortly after they had solved a mystery, which some might actually recognize from older stories. Trying to uncover the secret behind a cave of chicken worshipping (you heard that right) people. As they try to survive the endeavour and find out, who was the person that hunted down his old friend and find a way to save him from the clutches of the enemy. At the same time, Scooby and Shaggy come into a small conflict with each other. Is it as exciting as it sounds?

...what? Expecting a Spoiler Warning? Well, you aren’t going to see one here. Nothing to find here, but a regular old episode review filled with spoilers.

I have to say, this show truly has some fantastic comedy. Especially that each episode seems to introduce characters with rather strange quirks. My personal favorite was the entire “guy horrible at his job” thing, where he even knows it himself. The joke really got me laughing out loud and then the last of this ancient race, whose name is Rick, but for some reason no matter how someone pronounces it, it is always wrong.

The thing that I adore about this show is the way that Daphne was updated for the show. Instead of being the Damsel in distress, she has actually become a hobbyist, a character that constantly starts a new hobby that she never manages to keep longer than one episode. This time around it is narration, which was well implemented. Especially as she tries to give a narration in the hope that their chaser would actually give up.

Also, everyone having a stand-off while trying to be quiet and suddenly pulling out chips was a fantastic joke. The humor in this show keeps me laughing pretty hard and especially the little drama with Scooby and Shaggy lead to some great sequences. I do love how he switches between new “best friends” in the team. Also, Fred trying to find his wild side was an odd addition, when one considers that he faces danger at a regular basis with the various monsters they fight.

Also that the episode-specific characters periodically just show up and somehow our team doesn’t really care much a bout how they appear, even if the entire cave is full of trials and tribulations. The entire show does like to play on the entire tropes of the original cartoon and even adds some great jokes, such as Fred trying to survive the gauntlet and constantly getting hurt is just fantastic slapstick. In total, this was a fantastic episode and the revelation at the end was great.

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