[The Flash] #203 - Family of Rogues

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The Flash tries to shake it up by letting Zoom take a little break, as we focus more on an old friend from the first season. Leonard Snart is back, but this time he seems back to his old tricks against the rule he had set with Barry a while back. The episode explores Lisa Snart’s relationship with their father, as well as his own and even let’s us see the more heroic side of Captain Cold. Ist his a build up towards Legends of Tomorrow, or is there more than meets the eyes?

Be careful, as I heard Zoom is going to swiftly add spoilers in the upcoming article. As you continue your read just keep that in mind if you haven’t yet seen the episode.

Let me start off with the Joe subplot, which I actually highly value for this episode. It was drama that this show kind of needed in my opinion, as it gave us mor einsight into Joe’s character. While he is a fantastic mentor, it is nice to see him have to confront a past he tried to leave behind, and the twist that he isn’t actually a widower did hold a lot of meaning. Part of me actually doesn’t even believe that this is Iris’ true mother, as with the portal’s wide open we could potentially see this subplot connect with the overarching Zoom plot. It also offers a break from Barry’s own drama with his father and offers some more introspective into the West family dynamic.

Let me talk about the obvious Caitlyn and Jay romance that is going on. I find it a bit odd, as to me Jay is always a much older character than he is portrayed so seeing these two together makes me scratch my head a bit. Could be that this goes nowhere, but if they are alone and start talking about Ronnie I think my theory is quite spot-on and they will certainly have more moments together in the near future.

Talking about subplots or theories, seeing Stein fall apart at the end was interesting, especially with the flames turning blue. It only makes me wonder why this didn’t happen earlier, as they were always very connected and dependant on each other. Yet after Ronnie’s death that kind of just got sidelined until the upcoming episode that will heavily focus on the creation of a new Firestorm, which I wish the CW promo videos would not spoil as much as they do. Would have been nice if they kept this a secret, as even early promo’s for the second season even already hinted at Ronnie’s death long before the first episode even aired.

The main plot was quite an interesting one though, as I loved seeing a bit more of Snart’s background and just getting to know more about him. It was a bit more of a push towards him becoming a good person, which almost seemed a bit to early, but makes sense considering Legends of Tomorrow is heading our direction. I’ll be honest though, I think this change would have had more effect if we didn’t know Legends of Tomorrow was heading our way, but taking his strong moral code into consideration it does still work. The performance bheind Lisa and Leonard is perfect though, as they may act the roles up, it just seems perfect for characters that would enjoy using elemental themed guns and they stick out more as the Rogues in comparison to other villains. Also, Lisa, Lewis and Leonard Snart? I sense a theme in this family! One major complaint I due have, their father being played by the amazing Michael Ironside meant that the character was killed off at the end, which bothered me. There is more you can explore with this character, but as of now it is hard to say if we will ever see him again.

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