Will Batman Have A Bigger Role In The DC Universe?

1:37 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

On the DC side of things, it seems that they have found their interpretation of Nick Fury in their universe, and it is no one else but Batman. Before you continue though, there are some potential spoilers here for Wonder Woman film. If you want to avoid any possible spoilers than continue reading at your own risk.[1]

A rumor states that in the upcoming Wonder Woman film “The Caped Crusader is said to appear in the film when Diana fights Ares’ winged demonic minions, watching her save civilian lives during the battle. This could simply be a shot of Batman from a rooftop observing or something more, but his presence will be there. After the film’s finale, Batman will approach Wonder Woman in some regard to let her know he is aware of her.”

It almost seems as if Batman will be the one putting the Justice League together, but it is bizarre how it would all tie-in with Batman confronting Superman in the upcoming film. Maybe he planned this team a while before the Robin event that forced him into superhero retirement.

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