[The Flash] #205 - The Darkness and the Light

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After King Shark was taken down, Flash is forced to confront the reflection of the man that tried to end his own, Harrison Wells has appeared from the other Earth, which provokes not only the fear within our team that he might be as evil as their counterpart, but also brings upon the fury of Jay Garrick. It seems that he was a part in the creation of not only all the appearing metahumans, but also that of Zoom. Will our team find a way to trust this man?

If you are trying to read this spoiler warning with a blindfold, you aren’t going to get far. If you aren’t then congratulations on reading the spoiler warning for this review.

Let me start off with our villain of the week, Dr. Light. Finally we get a Earth-2 character of someone we already know about and it was perfect to give Linda Park some more screen time in the show. While it was odd that her being Barry’s ex and being jealous of Iris, but all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to really matter anymore. Yet it was fun seeing her return and while it was odd seeing the actual Earth-2 incarnation of her have some strange hairstyle and for some reason didn’t take off her suit when she was trying to escape, it still was a nice change of pace from the other villains of the day.

This subplot did lend itself to truly questioning Wells, as while he seemed to want to make up for his mistake that created Zoom, and later on we even find out that Zoom has abducted his daughter, who is actually a Speedster as well in the comics. What I did find interesting, ist hat Wells this time around seems to wear his sinister side on his sleeve. Unlike Eobard’s incarnation, whom secretly had a dark side acting kind but strong towards Barry, this time around he seems much more open on what he is saying. He also seems just more confronting and it is a truly nice change of pace, which also allows the actor to flex his muscles a bit more.

What happened to Jay Garrick in this show? I never truly understood why exactly he is described as a coward, which simply didn’t make much sense to me. He was always very similar to Barry in personality, but constantly being described as a coward just makes his character look bad, as we never truly see him step up either except for the short “Flash of Two Worlds” homage, so I feel like there is more to him, but I never really got to see it so far, so every time he is described as a coward I can’t really do anything else but believe him. Not saying he actually is, but it just makes me wish he didn’t start off without his powers, or at least in a weakened state, so he can actually do more than become Caitlyn’s new love interesting.

This episode is good, but kind of is more of a filler episode building up to our first true reveal of Zoom, which is a natural development to give the viewer’s some breathing room. Storywise it still worked quite well, especially when you consider that it truly was about Barry confronting the face that truly ever betrayed him. It was a nice character piece and it makes me wonder if we will see more of this Harrison Wells in future seasons, which with The Flash’s ratings are certainly going to happen.

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