[The Flash] #204 - The Fury of Firestorm

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After Dr. Stein fell unconscious and catching a strange blue flame, the team has realized that the loss of Ronny may have affected the Firestorm matrix stronger than they have first anticipated. Trying to save him, they seek the help of two candidated, Henry Hewitt and Jefferson Jackson, but the question remains which one is the most suitable candidate. At the same time, it seems that Pivot is chasing down a strange monster that has been lurking through the city, which might reveal to be someone quite familiar to comic fans. Did it keep our attention across the episode?

Watch out for this spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen the episode yet then you are continuing on a dangerous path full of spoilers and other dangers. Beware!

I have mixed feelings about this episode, but not due to its quality, but due to them lying that we will see more of Dr. Stein throughout the series, but here we have the fourth episode already summing his storyline up and giving them a way for him to become a side character once more. He has grown to become my personal favorite character in the show and while it was a great storyline showing the tribulations Jefferson Jackson had gone through, I just wished they could have found a way not for them to once again visit a friend of his to control their powers. Just seemed to fast for Stein’s supposed growing role in the ensemble and yet he is already out of the picture again.

Still, the first time I saw Henry Hewlitt I had a feeling he would turn into a villain, due to seeing him recently on Hannibal and it was a bit odd to have a scientist with a history of violence, who somehow still can hold the position he has. Still, Jackson was a very interesting character that also served a great moral lesson for viewers, as even if bad things happen, we may have just been meant to do even greater things. While I was never hit by an exploding energy wave, but having sustained a heavy knee injury myself, I know how difficult some things can be. Sometimes scars aren’t only the ones you visually see and can be deep down in one’s heart, so it was great to see him raise to the occasion. It was also nice to see Caitlyn have an inner battle as she is still trying to find a way to let go of Ronnie, something I actually wished they focused more on. They really should have had Stein and her have a heart-to-heart, as they both had a strong connection towards Ronnie.

 The human drama came from the rising relationship between Pivot and Barry, which was adorkable as it had been in past episodes. Still, the strongest point was seeing finding out that Iris actually has a brother, who might actually end up being the future Kid Flash, Wally West. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future and if we will actually get to meet her son, as we find out the dark future that is heading towards her mother. Seeing Iris a bit more feisty towards her mother was an odd touch though, while I understand that she is annoyed, it just seemed odd that she wasn’t truly curious about having a brother. She mainly focused her energy on how her father was being lied to, even if we have no idea if this is actually his own son, or someone else’s.

So, King Shark popped up in this episode! I am a huge fan of sharks, so seeing an actual humanoid shark on television made me thinks of that strange cartoon back in the days, but was also a pleasant surprise. What truly made it worth it, was the fact that they were teasing it throughout the episode and it actually ended up being paid off, which surprised me. The CGI wasn’t perfect, but quite well handle for a TV budget and I find it funny that Barry constantly gets grabbed in the face by digital creatures. Maybe the same thing will happen again with Grodd’s upcoming appearance. Also, Harrison Wells revealing himself from Earth-2 was a nice touch, as we didn’t have to wait too long for this reveal.

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