Iris West Has Found A Mother!

2:41 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems we have officially found a mother for Iris West, as Variety reports that Vanessa Williams, famous from Melrose Place, Soul Food and Candyman, has officially joined the cast of CW’s The Flash as Iris West’s mother and Joe West’s wife. While further information are being kept under wraps and the reasoning why we haven’t seen or met her until now are still unknown. Furthermore, with The Flash’s timeline and alternate dimension storyline for the upcoming season building up, then it could very well be that this isn’t the mother of the Iris West from the dimension we have been following in the first season.[1]

Sadly, we also do not know which episode the character will premiere in, but with such a late casting it could be a potential sign that it won’t be for another few episodes. I am certainly very interested in seeing how the whole thing will be handled and how the character will be used in the upcoming season.

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