Skull Island Exhibition Team Keeps Growing

10:44 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems that while Kong: Skull Island has lost ist cast early in the production stage, it is now slowly buiding up ist cast with two more new additions. One of the new additions is even a regular from Agent Carter Season 1 as Shea Whigham iss et to appear in the upcoming film. In addition, John Ortiz from Rake is also going to appear in the film, but as of now their roles are still undisclosed.[1]

As mentioned in an earlier article, the film is now being distributed by Warner Bros. and is building up towards a Godzilla crossover, but as of now it is unsure how exactly they will crossover, but it would be itneresting to see if some characters from the King Kong reboot will crossover into the second Godzilla installment.

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