The Doctor Might Need To Find A New Companion?

4:00 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Doctor Who fans are highly anticipating the upcoming new season featuring Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, but it seems that the upcoming season will also be featuring the departure of his current companion, Clara Oswald, who was portrayed by Jenna Coleman since her first appearance in the episode “Asylum of the Daleks”.[1]

While it has been rumored for quite some time, as she was even considered to leave at the end of the last season, but then made a surprising return for the Christmas special.  Sadly, the Impossible Girl will be leaving the series this season, but it is unsure in which episode and if she will make it to the season finale. Commonly companions of the Doctor do not meet a truly safe or normal end.

What are your thoughts? Depressed to see her go and who do you hope to see take over as the Doctor’s companion? Leave a comment below!