[Doctor Who] #903 - Under The Lake

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After last week episode ending the confrontation between Davros and Missy, it was going to be interesting how they continue upon that storyline. Well, they don’t at all, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it felt like a nice step back to basics for Doctor Who by taking an interesting concept and giving them their sci-fi spin. This time around, they tried to give us a rather interesting interpretation of ghosts in another two-part storyline that has quite a twist ending to keep you watching until next week. I am slowly getting the feeling that this could indeed be a sign that the show might try to hook us in more than ever before.

Before I get into the review, here is your spoiler warning of the day. If you have already seen the episode than continue without a problem, but if you haven’t, then take that into consideration as you continue reading my review of the episode, as there will be spoilers present.

The episode starts off with a mysterious spaceship that was found in the depths of the ocean. Suddenly during an accident one of the crew members is killed off while saving another, but that isn’t the end of his story. Suddenly he emerges as a ghost alongside another one that looks like it came directly from the Victorian age. The Doctor and Clara arrive on scene with the Tardis acting up in a bizarre way. While the Doctor tries to calm it down, we see that Clara is actually craving adventure and they find themselves in the mix of scared crew members trying to survive the onslaught of ghosts.

The episode in general was a great set-up and the ghosts were quite a fascinating concept to behold. The way they move was fascinating and their lack of eyes are quite fascinating to look at and is a nice addition to avoid them just being the classic definition of a ghost. My only question remains in the fact that while the mystery of the words they explain is quite interesting. I never considered them to be scary enough as villains, there never was much dread if someone would get caught. The only thing I almost expected was seeing Clara get killed off again, as the last two episodes gave me the feeling the Impossible Girl had returned.

Speaking of Clara, she seems just as excited to jump into an adventure as she did before she met Mr. Pink last season, which I thought was a bit off. She seemed more like a person, who would have changed due to losing the love of her life and after seeing the return of Missy, I was even more confused that it almost seemed like it didn’t phase her at all that she tried to get her killed. On the other hand, the Doctor seems to actually be evolving, as he seems to be more open to ideas and concepts similar to the last few incarnations. While I find his new sonic sunglasses to be an odd addition, I do believe they will serve a specific function later on.

Not that much actually happens during this episode except them trying to uncover the secrets behind these “ghosts” and a lot of them setting up traps. The reveal of what they are saying was interesting, but didn’t make much sense without a direct explanation, which I personally found a bit depressing. The secret behind the ghosts was something that would not have worked without any exposition, so it felt like the reveal was a bit underwhelming. Especially if you compare it to Missy’s story that expanded the mythology as well as explained the way they escaped last season.

In the end, the episode was fun. I wish a bit more happened and that the episode tied into the events from the last one and Clara’s behavior was a bit off for me personally, but that is just my taste. What I do have to say was fantastic in this episode was the revelation of what happened at the end of the episode. Seeing the Doctor in that state was a haunting picture and I also adored the ramifications it could have, as well as showing a bit of hope that these ghosts could be resurrected, but to be honest, I think the rest of the season would be a lot of fun by watching him wander around in that form.

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