[Agents of SHIELD] #303 - A Wanted (Inhu)man

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Agents of SHIELD returned with a  bang, as we finally see how Simmons has been doing since her abduction, we slowly unravel the plans of Hunter and May as they try to infiltrate HYDRA and also what exactly happened to Lincoln after their last encounter with Lash. Coulson on the other hand is forced to make some unlikely decisions, which might have some strong implications, as he uncovers that he and Rosalind might not actually be that different after all. So, without further ado, let us get into the review.

You have level 8 clearance if you have seen the episode. If you haven’t then be warned that the followings section contains spoilers for the episode and without the right clearance it could become a dangerous endeavor!

Let me start off with the smallest story and probably the most heartbreaking. Seeing Simmons trying to get use to her environments, as even the smallest of noise scares her, as if the memories of being hunted have put her on a constant alert. Fitz still keeping their reservations at that restaurant was absolutely adorable and what these two characters have gone through, it is great to see them back together. Yet while Bobbi still tries to get back her knee to top shape, she catches Simmons trying to put the stone together, as it seems she has to return to that strange planet for some reason. While it is unclear what exactly this means, I either believe that someone important is stuck on that planet, or just maybe she feels much safer on that planet. The time she was gone made her adapt to that world so much that her old home seems way too foreign for her to truly want to stay. I am very curious what exactly this entire return implies and can’t wait to find out.

Lincoln’s storyline was quite an interesting one. Seeing him struggle with something he was able to avoid thanks to the other Inhumans secret hideout. Seeing him on the run allowed for some rather beautiful shots of him using his powers, and they have gotten very creative with how to utilize his powers, which could be a sign that if he indeed joins the Secret Warrior team, we might have a strong Warrior on our side. Still, his conflict with Daisy was fantastic and while seeing them kiss was a bit awkward, it did fit with her character, as I have the feeling she might have done it out of a sense of commitment to what he has been going through.

Then Coulson makes a deal to protect Daisy, which forces his hand to sacrifice Lincoln and become an informant for the company as he flees. It was a rather disturbing scene I must confess, but I completely understand his position. Rosalind had the upper hand and while they have great chemistry together, especially if you consider the hilarious missing arm jokes and Coulson staring at her car. Still, while I understand that this would disturb many people, it does show what exactly Coulson has gone through and as he tells her that after everything they had to go through, this is probably the only chance they have to avoid another “real” SHIELD deal. Especially after people feared that it would repeat that storyline they already went a completely different route in just the third episode.

Last, but certainly not least we had Hunter and May’s storyline. I must say that this was quite a shocking episode, as I didn’t expect to see that much blood in an ABC show. It truly felt like the MCU’s interpretation of Fight Club with a HYDRA spin, and having Hunter kill his old friend was quite heartbreaking. Especially the look on his face just shocked me as he himself came to realize what exactly has happened. The scene before of them drunkenly talking to each other with subtitles to add to the humor was fantastic, but boy did I not see that pay off to arrive. Seeing Hunter with the new HYDRA symbol in the background was fantastic and seeing Wards second in command again after getting beat up by Strucker Jr. was also nice, as I hope to see more of the character in the future.

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